Title Searching
 For  whatever reason you require title searches (i.e.
financing, legal suits, private purchases, etc.), we offer this
service on homes, vehicles, and other valuable property.
Document Serving
Collection Control Services (PEI) Ltd.  is bondable and
dependable to provide fast and efficient document serving
Skip Tracing
Have you lost track of your customer. We have an excellent
record of tracking down people who are not anxious to be
 When it comes down to the last resort, you can
depend on us to repossess your assets in an efficient
and reputable manner
Credit Checks
The best way to protect your company when issuing credit
is credit checks. We have all the aflilliations required to
provide you will the most current and accurate credit checks
available. CCS is a member of Trans Union reporting
When it comes down to dollars and cents, the
bottom line is that we have up to a 70% success
rate in collecting bad debts for our customers. Let
us prove it to you.