Our Commitment To You
 Whether you are located in Prince Edward
Island, other Atlantic Provinces, or anywhere in
North America, our commitment to service to our
customers in the same professional, expedient
manner is the same.
Turning Problems Into Profits ......is more than
a catchy slogan to us. It has been our company
policy since 1992. Don't spend hours spinning
your wheels trying to collect difficult debt, it's just
costing you more money in time. Let the
professionals handle it..... the people who have
experience in handling these issues quickly and

  There is a perception in the business
community that one collection service is as good
as another. Send your delinquent accounts to us
and we will prove that is not so.

  Many business people feel frustrated with their
current collection arrangements because they feel
they are being left out of the process. Sometimes
they think their accounts are being shelved
because they are too difficult to collect.

We are not prepared to shelve any account!
If we don't we won't get paid. Our policy and
commitment to you is 'No Collection, No Fee.'

  Rates vary according to debt owed. Contact us
for a quote.