The company was started seventeen years ago by Ray Skinner, a licenced agent who had
been working in the business since 1975. As an agent in Newfoundland, he brought his
experience as well as many of his contacts to Prince Edward Island.

 Today, Collection Control Services (PEI) Ltd. has evolved into an company with business
across Canada, as well as many states in the USA.

 The reasons for the success of CCS are multiple. Based on Ray's promise of  'No Collection -
No Fee', many local and off-Island businesses rely on CCS to collect their debts quickly,
honorably and at a reasonable cost. Many of his large clients have been with his for many years
 because he offers all the services and resources that large central-Canada based agencies
offer, and often more. Smaller businesses can give better service because they don't have huge
national companies as clients, who tend to use up most of the agencies time.

 Now, more than ever, bad debts are having a greater impact for everyone.  Companies realize
that the extra resources used trying to collect delinquent accounts is also a cost factor when it
comes to the bottom line.

 In addition to over 50 years of collection experience, the staff at CCS also has at their disposal
an alliance with an association of collection agencies across Canada and the United States.
CCS is also affiliated with a Credit Reporting agency with business throughout North America.

 Our aim is to provide you with the best possible service and give all your accounts entrusted to
us the conscientious effort of recovery they deserve. We will maintain your trust by providing you
with monthly updates on the progress of your accounts if  requested, and we guarantee timely
reimbursements to you, on a monthly basis on all monies collected.

 We believe we can be of great benefit to any company experiencing delinquent accounts and
given the opportunity, you will find us to be an asset to you.
  Collection Control Services (PEI) Ltd. is
Prince Edward Islands oldest, largest and
most experienced home based collection